Wacom Concept Art

Wacom asked me if I would like to create some art for a couple of upcoming campaigns. Very simple and straight-forward brief. The theme was futurism and transportation. They wanted a positive touch to it, something that would sparkle your imagination.

We decided that I would do two images, with totally different subjects and palettes. This was the first image. As usual the time frame was very tight, 1 week to start with. I think I pulled around 80hours that week, with scorching summer heat outside. The structure is a 3D modell, created in Maya. I wanted it to feel light, intelligent and a little bit mysterious.
The environment is painted using matte-painting techniques.

After a couple of revisions and color alterations we ended up with the renderings to your left.

Final rendering. The original is 8000px wide @300 dpi, made for big format prints.

Black & White version

Rough composition sketch.

Maya 3d model rendered in Keyshot 3D. I rarely make my renderings any fancier then this, all the magic happens in Photoshop anyway.